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Posted 20/4/2018

Storm Ophelia blew in at the start of this week and sent my plans for the week flying!

You painted a great picture with your words there Esther. Thanks Esther. You're welcome Esther. 

I got a solid eight hours sleep last night so now I am raring to go. I've already bought a new peddle bin and a laundry basket; who knows where the day could go... 

On the podcast this week, my guest was Jeanne Mahony. Jeanne Who Esther? Jeanne Mahony! She's not a TV watcher person on Googlebox, or a writer or a doggy couture designer....she's a bloody brewer and business woman. Jeanne took the long and winding road to end up at her present career and her story will hopefully inspire, not perspire you. There are no deadlines on yo' dreams cuties so keep going!

P.S If you like this week's podcast, please share the link on Facebook, Twitter or wherever and help spread the word. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! A new episode will be up on Tuesday. 

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