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It's all awight with Sophie White.

Posted 20/4/2018

This week is episode 12 of the podcast so it's a tweenager and it's all 'Fenty Beauty this, Kylie Lip Kit that, Shawn Mendes the other'. But I digress!

This week my supersonic guest was author, columnist and Rice Krispie enthusiast, Sophie White. You may be familiar with Sophie's teeny tiny face as it appears above her column, The Domestic, each Sunday in LIFE magazine for the Sunday Independent. Now, this Sunday when you are browsing the mag, you can stop on Sophie's page, pause and say 'Hello tiny Sophie! I know what you sound like now.'

My chat with SW wandered from hot button topics such 'what's your chipper order' and 'rice krispie penis cakes; discuss' to the more serious subject of Sophie's nervous breakdown in 2007 and the subsequent work it took to get better. Oh it's all here folks. Sophie details, with great humour and warmth, a very dark period in her life and I could have talked to her all afternoon. By complete coincidence, my chat with Sophie came out today on World Mental Health Day. Sophie wrote some beautiful words on her Instagram today about her own struggles which you can find here: If you have somehow stumbled onto my website and you happen to be struggling with your mental health, know that you are not alone. Do not suffer for one more moment by yourself. If you live in an apartment complex, go next door right now, to the neighbour you never speak to. Pick up the phone and text someone, anyone. You are loved and more than enough and I know the battle is so hard and completely exhausting. If you're in Ireland reading this, Pieta House are an incredible organisation who help people experiencing suicidal thoughts 

Another episode will be up next Tuesday so make sure you're subscribed on iTunes or Soundcloud so you don't miss out. 

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