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It's an 8lb 3oz podcast!

Posted 25/4/2018






THERE'S BEEN A ROYAL BIRTH! Not Kate Middleton silles! I've given birth to another episode of The 80% podcast, the greatest podcast in all the land. Lollllll. 

As I survey my podcast nursery and look at all my little babies running around I’m filled with joy. There’s my Claire Balding playing with her dolls hair. Amy Hubles, building a cinema with Lego. Ian Dempsey, on the Fisher Price CD player doing a little disco for James Kavanagh and Doireann Garrihy in their playpen. So cute. 

My newest baby is always my favourite though and this week I’ll be giving the most love and attention to…Triona McCarthy! Writer with the Sunday Independent, beauty expert and all round rock and roll star.

I had a sheet of questions for Triona but we went all over the place. A sandwich gets delivered about 5 minutes in and we had to pause between talking to eat a chicken wrap and chips.

Triona has been there, done that and bought the designer T-shirt; she was so much fun. We talked vomiting, travelling with *the* Jimmy Choo, Michael Flatley and disgracing herself in Athens in front of a world famous rock band. She's a bloody riot mates. If you want to have a listen, just click here!

But if you think for one cockin' hoopin' moment that the point of my podcast is to learn more about the success of others and share stories of love, loss and failures in a bid to illuminate our consciousness, then you're in the wrong bloody place mate. All of my social media outlets are of course accessories for my ego.

With that said I will now share with you some things I enjoyed in the past week.

A mere 8,000 years after the rest of the world, I started watching RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE. It’s a brain cleanser and I would recommend. I am a long time fan of the Ru Paul and Michelle Visage, What’s The Tee which you should all subscribe to, so I don't know why I resisted watching it for so long. It didn't disappoint and is perfect to put on when you're cleaning the house on a Sunday. I rarely clean my house on a Sunday and instead I watched it stretched out like a sloth pig in the sitting room. 

I also listened to the Jeanne Sutton episode of Rosemary MacCabe’s podcast How to be Sound which I really liked. Jeanne talked about her endometritis a subject which I knew little to nothing about. And if you’re thinking ‘snore’ trust me, Jeanne is extremely entertaining despite talking about 'a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain'. I would recommend following her on Instagram for doses of truth and humour. I’d tell you to follow Rosemary but you probably already are. Hopefully I’ll be talking to her soon on the podcast and she can teach me how to be sound as a pound.

After a mega reading fest on holiday, I have not been as voracious but I already have a few in the queue which I will share with you when I finish reading Marianne Faithfull’s autobiography or perhaps memoir is more accurate. Perhaps we will never know. Google has the answer surely but I am not checking so it will remain a mystery. 

I hope you enjoy this week's episode. Triona reminded me to live life a little more by the seat of my pants and to unhook my metaphorical mind-bra. We only get one shot on this merry-go-round. 



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