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Halloween Safety Tips

Posted 20/4/2018

Just kidding! This post has nothing to do with Halloween safety tips but if I wanted to increase clicks to my website, that is the kind of thing I'd need to write. I recently got some SEO training in werk which amounted to, keep your blog titles simple, no clickbait and theme your 'content' Urgh. It makes sense though if you a big corporation and you want to drive people to the wonders of whatever product you're trying to sell, but, my website is not. I am free to put up any old dog doo doo that I want. 

In other news, I was a GUEST on someone else's podcast yesterday and it was so much fun! It was so nice to be asked and I bloody loved it mates. I didn't have to worry about anything except making sure I talked directly into the mic. The podcast is called 'Roast Chestnuts' and it's hosted by Alan McGuire and Jeanne Sutton. They review a different Hallmark Christmas film each week and I think the first one is up on the 3rd of November. I got one called 'I'll be home for Christmas' starring and directed by Josh Brolin. I will put up a link to it when it goes out.

Anyway, a new episode of my podcast will drop Tuesday so make sure you are subscribed on iTunes or Soundcloud or Stitcher. This week, I spoke with a woman who took a mere 17 years maternity leave, and then started a brewery as you do. A tale as old as time. Click on 'The 80% Podcast' in the header and you'll find all the links. Peace out mofos. Have a great Sunday and week!

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