I am on annual leave at the moment (the most boner shrinking term a H.R department ever created) and am enjoying a stayliday. You may be more familiar with the portmanteau, ‘staycation’ but I am pioneering the use of ‘stayliday’. Let’s get it trending etc.

My last act for the next two weeks is to edit tomorrow’s podcast which is a joy, as my guest is the dynamically effervescent, Caroline O’Donoghue. Caroline is a writer, podcaster and grade A cutie pie. You can listen to our chat here ( or wherever you get ye olde podcasts. PLUS if you want something great to read, you should buy or borrow her book Promising Young Woman.

My chat with Caroline will be the last in this series of The 80% but it will return in November with more brilliant guests. This series, I’ve spoken to Saoirse McHugh, Melanie Morris, Vicki Notaro, Anna Haugh, Karen Constantine, Ciara Kelly, Merle O’Grady, Glenda Gilson, Tara Stewart, Sophie White, Eimear Varian Barry and now Caroline. I already have names pencilled in to record with so fear not, The 80% will return. To tide you over until then, I have made another podcast called Esther Is In Bits where we talk about being in bits and then being better. So far, I’ve recorded chats with some incredible people about subjects such as fertility, gender, sleep (!) and grief to name but a few. I haven’t chosen a release date yet but follow E.I.I.B on Instagram for the latest NOOZ!

As for this here newsletter, I have missed a few weeks over the last month or so but after my time off I will return renewed, refreshed and with the strength of a thousand suns pulsing through my eyeballs.

Until we meet again, keep it fresh, keep it sexy and don’t forget to put the oxygen mask of life on yourself first. Light the candles, drink the alcoholic or non-alcoholic wine!


Toodles for now.


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