Postcard From A Ledge

I’m still on my hols and have yet to develop the level of sun damage I had hoped. There have been two and a half overcast days which have detrimentally affected tanning levels. Still, I have managed to create some sunkissed words below in between listening to podcasts and reading. Also, if anyone in Lahndan reads this you should go and book yourself a table at my friend Anna’s first restaurant which is called Myrtle. It’s in Chelsea so you may well see Spencer and Vogue or Proudlock swanning about in their Serge Denime jumpsuits. If that last line meant nothing to you and you don’t know who those people are, you win a prize.


I feel so optimistic at the start of holidays, like I am never going back to work. Something is going to happen in these magical two weeks and I will never return. This is the start of it now. My new life. It’s all to play for. I feel like when you go through the toll at Portlaoise (I think) and there are no road markings for about 500 yards immediately after the booth I’m like ‘Yeehar! We’re on the highway to heaven baybuh!’ What will happen during this terrific time that will change my life? I could win the Lotto! ‘But you don’t do the Lotto Esther’. Okay. I’ll start an Etsy shop selling jewellery made from buttons and bits of rubbish that will really take off. Oprah will feature it on her Favourite Things list and I’ll be a kaziilioaire. Alternatively I could become a film maker. I found this clip of an iMovie ( I made after to going to a wedding in Barcelona. I called it
Barceloner. Truly, it is a staggering work and it reminded me that I am a total wally.


Spotting the first election poster of the season has replaced spotting the first April cuckoo in most smug letters to the Irish Times. They’ll all be gone in a few weeks dears and sure you’ll miss them then. For wayward posters, there’s even a special poster hotline button on the Dublin City Council website you can click which also automatically untwists knickers. Just call me Niall Boylan. You’re welcome.


It was Poetry Day Ireland the other day so here is my poem:

Loose Lips by Esther O’Moore Donohoe

I know where your real lip line begins and ends.

And that is why, we are best friends.


I am hard-wired to like anyone with a double barrel surname which is why I clicked on the Knock Down The House documentary on Netflix which featured Alexandra Ocasio Cortez. The doc followed the campaigns of four long-shot candidates taking part in the 2018 congressional elections. The moment OC finds out she has won is captured in real time and it’s wonderful. And then there is footage of another candidate, Amy Vilela, who wasn’t successful and my heart broke for her. I mean, of course you’re all up to date on the 2018 congressional election results but just in case you’ve forgotten, I won’t go into more detail. I sobbed and felt hopeful at the same time. I think you should watch it.


After renewing it five times from the library and not reading it, I bought Ariel Leve’s memoir An Abbreviated Life for my Kindle last week. I read it in one sitting. The passage where the book’s title is pulled from was so arresting I had to read it multiple times (four times).

At the start of the year I read a book by Ariel Levy’s (The Rules Do Not Apply) and you may notice, her name is not eight hundred miles away from Ariel Leve. What are the chances of them having almost exactly the same name, both getting books published and both having mega-success?
Imagine if someone called Ester O’More Donoghue starts making an incredible newsletter like mine and messes up my legacy?

‘Excuse me. Are you Esther O’Moore Donohoe?’

No. I’m Ester O’More Donoghue. We’re completely different people.

‘Oh. I see. Good day.’


If you like listening to phenomenal woman (you listen to my podcast The 80% so of course you do) you should listen to Marc Maron’s chat ( ) with Jane Fonda. She has fit so much into her life that it is astounding to a sloth like me. In her conversation with my good pal Marc (not my good pal) she said ‘I can’t make my life longer, but I can make it wider and deeper.’ WHAT A CREATURE! I’ve just bought her book too which is available on Dublin City Library catalogue. Here’s the link if you want to buy it however.

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