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Esther O'Moore Donohoe


Amy Who?Berman...(Amy Huberman, man).

Posted 20/4/2018

Well, well, well.


Yesterday I recorded the first interview in new series of my podcast The 80%. I spoke to actress/writer/nation's cutie pie, Amy Huberman about how I was mostly happy for all she has accomplished but also carried 20 per cent resentment and jealousy too.


Even though I have done lots of podcasts before, I was nervous going into it, like Eminem before a rap battle. I was also using new recording equipment for the first time, so I was decidedly unsure of myself. But if I waited until I was an expert at pushing de buttons, I'd never get the bloody thing done. It had already been two and a half years since my last podcast instalment. 'What a lazy sloth you are Esther' you may be thinking to yourself.  I know, I know, but I had gotten my dream job presenting a Saturday show on TXFM so I went 'FOCK THE PODCAST MATES! THIS IS IT!' Of course, the focking radio station closed down two years later so here we are. Plus, I loved doing it. I just needed a tiny, little, almost three year, break.


My chat with Amy will be up soon but in the meantime, trot over to and subscribe if you wouldn't mind. It's really easy to do and it will help push The 80% up the tippity top of the charts so more people will see it.


Now, I must go and get myself to the Chinese post-haste for a traditional Irish, 3 in 1 tray.


Have a great bank holiday weekend.


Esther x

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Posted 26/2/2017

There'll be words from my brain here soon. Hold tight.

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