Read, Write, Rhythm Dance


Hi! I’ve started a weekly newsletter which you can subscribe to here. It […]

Person on the bus

I can see you mate

It’s an 8lb 3oz podcast!


I am a wally

Hahahaha. What a lark!

I am tan-tastic.

Picture it: me typing this little blog post.


Storm Ophelia blew in at the start of this week

Halloween Safety Tips

Just kidding! This post has nothing to do with Halloween safety tips […]

It’s all awight with Sophie White

This week is episode 12 of the podcast so it’s a tweenager…

As I leave behind Nadine

This week’s podcast is almost an hour long, so take a long walk off a short cliff…

Doireann Garrihy, Snapchat Slaya

The second episode of The 80% is up now on iTunes…

3-2-1 PODCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy oh boy do I have some great news for you. I […]

Amy Who?Berman…(Amy Huberman, man)

Yesterday I recorded the first interview in new series of my podcast The 80%.


There’ll be words from my brain here soon. Hold tight.