Hello again! After a break of some weeks, the podcast has returned! Hurrah! To kick off this new run of episodes, I was lucky enough to speak to stellar writer, broadcaster, beauty maven and future Irish Oprah, Louise McSharry! (Will you let me be your Gayle, Louise and I can tag along to the Met Ball with you please-hmm?)

We recorded the first ever live episode of The 80% in Mutiny Theatre, Dublin. Well, it was as if Boyzone themselves had landed in the room and twanged their Budweiser brace straps. The crowd were nuts with excitement. Some took off their tops. Others put more tops on and started doing laps of the room, filled with pure joy. They were all beside themselves and who can blame them? Such is the power of a LIVE podcast!

Seriously though, doing the show in the theatre was so much fun and while I was nervous, I couldn’t have asked for a better guest or a more encouraging audience. You were all so great.

Thanks to everyone who came out in the cold that night, bought tickets and who have supported this podcast over the last year in particular. I love making them and it was so nice to put faces to the MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF 80% LISTENERS AROUND THE WORLD.

Now to my guest! Louse McSharry has her own 2FM radio show, has made a documentary for TV (F*ck Cancer), written a book (Fat Chance: My Life in Ups, Downs and Crisp Sandwiches), been published in the Irish Times, as well as contributing regularly to The Pool and The Daily Edge. I couldn’t resent her success more!

Thank you to Mutiny Theatre for the great venue, to Jeanne in Hope Beer for donating refreshments for the evening. Thank you to my brother Si for being a great bar man, personal assistant and tech guy. Thank you to all my friends and my mum for being there. Shout out to Jance and Dave, Nik, Lea, Niamh and Clio, Garvo, Gemma, Dags, Robyn, Ruth, Noel, Sinead, Laura Cunningham, Aisling Keenan, Sooby Lynch, Liadan Hynes, Emma from Temple Wolf, Clare, Cliodhna who came on her Tobler-own. Jess and Ciara of Story Bud podcast and everyone else who came; apologies if I’ve left someone close to me out. Thanks also to the always supportive Jules Coll and Sophie White of Mother of Pod. I felt ridiculous doing a live show but it was so much fun and let’s do it again sometime! Finally, biggest thanks to luminous Louise who was a joy and a dream guest.

VIDEO OF A CAT LICKING A HOOVER (this will make sense once you listen):


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