I couldn’t have timed this week’s episode better if I tried and I didn’t. Later this evening, the final of Ireland’s premier Lovely Girl competition, The Rose of Tralee takes place and the 2018 winner will be crowned with a load of Newbridge Silver forks and carriage clocks on her curly blow dried head. If you’re not Irish and have no idea what the Rose of Tralee competition is, this clip from Father Ted will give you an idea: youtu.be/89RwsGe-fSw

You may also not know then, that Daithi O’Se has been it’s presenter for almost ten years (a decade of the Rose-ary if you will. A bit of word play there from your hero a.k.a me) and he was born to do it.

But what else can I say about Daithi O’Sé. Firstly his mum calls him David. Secondly, he is a VNM (very nice man) and was a pleasure to talk to. He told me that he planned on being a teacher but life happened and he went with the flow. Instead he has gone on to have an almost 20 year career in television and am I micro jealous? You’re God darn right I am.

We talked over frothy coffees in town a few weeks ago where he told me about his start on TG4 with Sile Seoige, his family and how he doesn’t let the wormhole of social media and opinion affect him. As long as he’s got Rita and his son Micheal, nothing else matters.

DAITHI O’SE FOR PRESIDENT! But only once Miggledy gets a second term. Then VIVA DO’S, A VNM!

Until next Tuesday my cuties…

Peace and love, peace and love,

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